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Credits: Image supplied by National Geographic

Four Tet- Jupiters (Happa Remix)


Posted by Moses Wiener

Bright in the dirty night sky

Leeds-based newcomer Samir Alikhanizadeh aka Happa had his remix of Four Tet's 'Jupiters' premiered on Mary Anne Hobbs' Music:Response show on XFM a few hours ago, noticeably after the watershed. If the original is the strobe lights and lasers splashing across your dilated pupils, Happa's (faintly Blawanesque) version is the flashlight of the security guard informing you that that the bar closed about half an hour ago. Very naughty for a 15-year old.

Four Tet's new album 'Pink' is out now via Text 

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Posted by andrew mrvos

08.22/ 2012

this is great…...

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