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Premiere: Druid Cloak - Athene (Seapoint Remix)


Posted by LFTF

Our favorite phantasmic dance music producer has another monster EP on the horizon. And we got an exclusive taste of it for you.

​Having dropped you guys one of Druid Cloak’s funky remixes a month ago, we’re already pretty familiar with the sounds of the cloaked crusader. With one release under his belt on Kastle’s Symbols label and a smattering of excellent remixes released in the paste few months, Druid Cloak is a fast rising star in the dance music world. His tunes never sit in one genre and his knack for storytelling is evident in the movement of each track.

In preparation for a March 18th release of his newest EP “Athenes Hollow” on Infinite Machine, we’re offering an exclusive download. The whole EP seems to be an exercise in Druid Cloak’s ability to seamlessly blend genres: funk, soul, hip hop, R&B and even a little techno. The tune below, a Seapoint remix of “Athene,” is on the smoother end of the spectrum with a well utilized vocal that floats over a horn-like melody and some magical percs. Enjoy the fantasy, folks.

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