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Ejeca: Horizon EP


Posted by Ben Friedlander


​The 90s garage house revival is in full swing and we just can't get enough of it. Between those Bicep lads that we can't stop writing about and now their friend Garry McCartney aka Ejeca, who has collaborated with Bicep in the past for the massive tune "You," it seems as though garage house is back and not going anywhere anytime soon. Quite frankly, we couldn't be any happier about it. Garage house is the fucking tits. I mean, generally speaking, even the worst garage house tune is better than any agro brostep tune ever released. Besides that, most of these songs coming out are just catchy AF and super groovy as well. How can you hear garage riddims on the dance floor and not want to dance? This stuff is just bursting with 90s energy. It's awesome. "Horizon" by Ejeca is no exception. This is another slice of garage house revival to get your body moving. Along with it's b-side "Dazed," which you can stream below, Ejeca's Horizon EP is being released the same day as Bicep's Vision of Love EP-- September 24h, 2012-- a day that will forever live on in the garage house revival world as the day when the 90s all of a sudden became cool again.

Watch the music video for "Horizon" below and pre-order the EP in full ahead of its release over at Juno

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