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Double Duchess - Deviant (Normaling RMX)


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Baltimore’s Normaling on an official remix of Double Duchess’ new tune, “Deviant.”

​Maybe you’ve heard of Double Duchess, the Bay Area electro-pop queens. Maybe you haven’t. Either way, it doesn’t really matter ‘cause this is mostly about a couple of guys you’ve surely never heard of who did a bangin’ official remix of Double Duchess’ tune, “Deviant.”

Hailing from the land of ubiquitous pink flamingos, big booty twerkin’ and random encounters with John Waters comes a collab between rar Kelly and DJ Lemz. They work together under the name Normaling, a name that encompasses everything that Baltimore isn’t – unless you’re in Target or something. But really, their chemistry on this tune is anything but normal. Individually, they’re known around town as techno guys. And here, they took an electro-pop song and made it hard, big beat and something akin to techno, which is pretty deviant in and of itself. 

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