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DJ Premier & Joey Bada$$- Unorthodox


Posted by Anthony Obst

Leave Fake MCs in the Post-Mortem

​It was only a matter of time before the leader of the new boom bap school, Joey Bada$$, would link up with the one and only godfather of this shit, DJ Premier. The soon-to-be 18-year-old Crooklyn lyricist launched his career off the strength of his Gangstarr-indebted 90s-revivalism, the foundation of which was laid about two decades earlier, and whose sound was heavily shaped by the no-frills beat production of Christopher Martin.

Bridging the generation gap and bringing together two peas of the same pod, Mountain Dew enlisted Joey and Mean Joe Preem for a collaboration on their Green Label Sound project. Footage from Premier's HeadQCourterz studio surfaced a few days ago and gave us a glimpse at what to expect from the likely duo's joint single. Today the official (clean) version of "Unorthodox" was unleashed and it's all we could expect. 

Joey goes in on point like John Stockton for an extended amount of bars, dishing out one of the most memorable verses in recent memory, and never loses his focus over Premier's patented loop-and-drum combo sounding like something he could have crafted for Nas circa, ermmm 1999. This is what they call timeless.

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