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Distal: Vampire Lightning (EP Stream)


Posted by Anthony Obst

You Better Use Your Nikes, Bruh

​Native ATLien Distal has a birthright to incorporating Southern hip-hop stylings into his bass music, and he's been doing so since way before tarp was construed into a lol-worthy hashtag. Last year's Boss of the South EP proved to be somewhat of an underground gamechanger, bringing juke to the dirty dirty, while his full-length debut Civilization earlier this year received criminally little attention. Now the bossman returns to bring you some more bang for your buck with his Vampire Lightning EP. 

Especially the monstrous "Green Lantern" is a great example of what Distal is capable of when bringing his A-Game. Towering synths, ultra-precise drum patterns, carefully placed vocal fragments, a chunky low-end and horns that reek of victory-- a formula tried by many, but perfected to this extent by few. MikeQ also gives the track a bootylicious rework, while the title joint is a frantic, T.I.-sampling juke-toaster and "Cherry Red" takes things down a notch, relying mostly on a rattling kick, open space and its keyboard gangsta-lullaby. 

The boss has spoken. Distal is still ahead of the curve.

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