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Delroy Edwards- “Heart and Soul”/“Sprk tha Dust”


Posted by Rave Snob


The other day I went to a local East Village record store and saw a mostly unmarked 12" from Delroy Edwards. So I took the record over to the listening station and gamely turned it on but

it sounded like SHIT I was like wow I'm not down. I mean, Edwards' stuff can be harsh—I could understand if someone were put off by the inflamed stomper "Feelings"—but this one was insanely fast and warped and scratched up and it was too much.

And then I heard an exclusive vinyl rip of it and I once again realized that the needle/turntable/listening station was barning me and I had barely been able to hear the tune when I was in there. There is a sample Lil Wayne's verse on Juicy J's "Bandz a Make Her Dance" on "Sprk tha Dust" and that is v lol 2 me!!!! Freaking trap bang0r turned into some mangled teeth-gritting speedfreak 155 bpm techno "crazy fucked up shit" as my friend says

What I love about this record is what I love about L.I.E.S., the buzzy Queens-based label I can't stop hearing about or listening to recently and Edwards' main outlet: There is a huge emphasis on physical stuff and it feels all old school to buy from them. Take the American Noise comp the label put out recently; There were no downloads to be found from the label, my editors, or my blogger and/or DJ friends, so I was ON THE HUNT for that CD in shops around the city. The only way to actually hear those tunes was to buy them physically. Likewise, you can check out some Soundcloud previews of this limited-edition white label like a poser bitch but you won't never hear these tracks unless u buy the vinyl or hear someone cool like me DJ them out sometime !!!!!!! brb RUNNING back to the shop to see if they still have this record in stock bye

UPDATE: just bought the last copy the shop had! hah!!!!!!!!!

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