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Dark Sky- Shutter Speed


Posted by Ben Friedlander


London production trio Dark Sky are back with their second EP for Modeselektor's 50 Weapons imprint. Their Shutter Speed EP is due out December 7th and a preview of the EP's title track is available to stream below. Dark Sky is a name that we have kept an eye on since we first heard "Reflex" off of their excellent Frames EP two years ago and this new track is just as quality as the rest of their output has been since then. Shutter speed is the effective length of time that a camera's shutter is open, but for Dark Sky it means more heavy sub-bass lines and 808 drums. To that we say keep 'em coming. We can't get enough of it.

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No. 1


  • A1 Shutter Speed Track/ 1
  • A2 Shades Track/ 2
  • B1 Hequon Track/ 3
  • B2 GaddagiveTrack/ 4

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