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Craig David- Fill Me In (Ryan Hemsworth Bootleg)


Posted by Anthony Obst

Heeeeyyyy Giiiiirl

​Remix don Ryan Hemsworth is back at it again. Or rather, he never stops. His edit of Black Atlas' "Castles" just found its way into our WDOB selection and now Ryan cranks one out for FACT Magazine's advent calendar. 

Please don't act all cool and American and pretend like you don't know the words to Craig David's 2000-smash "Fill Me In." It's ok, you can sing along and maybe your girlfriend won't look at you funny but rather join in. Especially now that Ryan has expelled most of the cheese-factor, cushioned the low-end and increased the ever-important hi-hat frequency. Dope stuff as always.

Oh and by the way: I'm really glad to hear that those Trillville-patented bed-squeaks are back! Thanks, Cashmere Cat and Ryan Hemsworth! Bed-squeaks are the best.

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