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Cashmere Cat: Mirror Maru EP (Preview)


Posted by Ben Friedlander


​If there was ever a time to label something "future trap" it would be now to describe Cashmere Cat's forthcoming Mirror Maru EP for Pelican Fly, but since we hate using made up genre names to describe music as much the next music blog we are gunna stop ourselves right there. Why? Because Cashmere Cat's music is better than that. This stuff is good, special even. It sounds like a mixture of some of that rad music from those Final Fantasy video games meets HudMo meets cheesy RnB meets all those cool distorted UK Bass vocals that we still can't get enough of. Basically, do yourself a favor and stream a preview of it below. It's due out on October 22nd and you can head over to iTunes right now to pre-order it. Bless.

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  • 1. Mirror Maru Track/ 1
  • 2. Secrets + Lies Track/ 2
  • 3. Kiss Kiss Track/ 3
  • 4. PawsTrack/ 4

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10.24/ 2012

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