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Capital STEEZ: AK Reloaded [Mixtape]


Posted by Anthony Obst


​"Why can't I just be like every other rapper and just fucking rap? Why I always gotta, like, overdo this shit, man?" In Capital STEEZ' case, the question deserves asking. If Joey Bada$$ is Pro Era's naturally charismatic ringleader, Steez is the crew's more cerebral Trotsky-figure. Through pointed political jabs, introspection, third eye-discourse, conspiracy theories and lyrical 90s memorabilia, STEEZ tells his story in ways that are both abstract and personal, letting his keen observations ooze through over beats from usual suspects like Madlib, MF DOOM, DJ Premier, as well as in-house production from Kirk Knight and Joey Bada$$.

With seven bonus tracks added to last year's overlooked AmeriKKKan Korruption debut, Reloaded gives you another chance to catch up on STEEZ highly concentrated thought-juggling, supplying another dose of dopeness from Flatbush's Beastcoast camp.

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