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Arca- 2 Blunted // DOEP


Posted by Jonathan Abramson


​I was introduced to Arca a few months ago, but as the end of 2012 approached, he didn't properly fit into my end of the year rants even though 2012 was his year. I fell in love too late; I needed him to sink in. This Brooklyn producer combines the best of the chill with the best of the dope with the best of downtempo-dance, if that's even a thing, with with with with... There are a lot of different sounds going on here, great movement in the synths, and very creative rhythms. A lot of his music sounds coarse; his production style oscillates between muffled and amplified sounds, and on top of that he heavily manipulates vocals to create an eerie overtone. As a result he's an acquired taste, like tandoori chicken. But I love Indian food and you should too. So listen to Arca and savor the alien, let it become your pedestrian. Why? Because Arca is what 2013 is all about. 2012 was boring. Everyone tried to sound like everyone else. Arca was a standout, and that's abundantly clear now.

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