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​Amber London

Leave your behind-the-back pass at home. Amber London ain't about that flashy shit. Shoot, pass, dribble. Few rappers out there got their fundamental game down like the Raider Klan queenpin. And yet her crazy amounts of charisma will make it harder and harder for her to stay on that low motherfuckin' key tip next year.

Cashmere Cat

Discovering "bass music" that didn't sound like the other thousand Baauer rip offs on SoundCloud was of the upmost difficulty in 2012, but thanks to Cashmere Cat's seductive take on the overhyped style we were able to find some relief. Though not lacing us with too much quantity (a four track EP and a few remixes, respectively), it was the quality that made us purr in satisfaction, and 2013 looks to be just as bright for the coolest cat in the business. It also doesn't hurt that he's a world renowned DJ, and all Portlanida Cat Nap jokes aside, we can't wait to see this kitty take his show on the road.


Anticon and WEDIDITtwo generations of westcoast beat-wizardry, and D33J's year in 2013 will have him looking to combine both of these two forces potently. The new wave of EDM, "emotional dance music", is on the rise, and D33J is certain to be at the forefront of it all.


His recent Beat Of The Drum EP is what got us believing this kid is more than just a hype-show. At just 16 years of age, this kid's got it. 2013 will see him crafting his mould even more so.


Although not necessarily the newest act on the scene, whose 2011 3 EP still has us seeing Prince flashbacks, Inc. recently announced that their debut full-length will be dropping on 4AD near the beginning of next year. If their newest single "The Place" is any indication, look for Inc.'s sedated R&B soundscapes to take over in 2013.

Locked Groove

Tim Van de Meutter ended his year on a peak. What he did with Duke Dumont's "The Giver" will one day be considered a piece of club history. Mind you, this was a year in which he shifted effortlessly between the deep and the knocking, Hotflush and Turbo on 3 reeaaally good EPs. And now he's rolling on momentum.

Phlo Finister

Keep your eyes peeled on this girl in 2013. This former model released a few videos and an EP earlier this year, but recently joining forces with SpaceGhostPurrp's Raider Klan may be just the right move for Phlo Finister in terms of finding her style.


The Manhattan rap clique's debut EP on XL Recordings was a bit underwhelming, as it was basically just a decent remaster of an earlier Bandcamp project. But the raw, no-frills rap-talent that Hak and specifically Wiki bring to the table is bound to cash in on the supply-shortage of high-in-demand 90s lyricismif their producers Sporting Life and Ramon can keep up.


Musically Rhye was one of the most interesting occurrences of 2012. Artsy but supremely listenableabove all, overpoweringly sexytheir celebration of the human body will turn into an LP in 2013. We can only guess its powers.

Ryan Hemsworth

Few people had a better 2012 than our man Ryan Hemsworth did, who remixed/produced his way into the hearts and ears of every relevant music publication out there, including us. So at this point it's pretty obvious when we say, look for the Ryan Hemsworth takeover to be even stronger in 2013.

Shelter Point

Although not well documented, Shelter Point had one of the most innovative R&B/electronic crossover projects to release this year with their stunning Forever For Now EP, which debuted on Hotflush Recordingsa label who knows a thing or two about breaking innovative crossover projects (*cough* Mount Kimbie *cough*). Although no official plans for a new record yet, we're excited to see where this young Nottingham duo takes things in 2013.


Sometimes a song comes a long so insanely massive that you don't need any other proof to know that the artist behind it is going to be something special. This was the case for us this year with London singer/producer S O H N and his magnificent debut single "The Wheel". From the heart-wrenching vocals to the James Blake-esque production, everything about the song screamed groundbreaking, and immediately placed S O H N in a class all of his own.

Tommy Kruise

Real recognizes real, and when it comes to Tommy Kruise, it doesn't get much realer. Growing up on chopped & screwed Three 6 Mafia and DJ Screw mixtapes, Kruise has utilized his unique tastes to create a brand of trap music that's focused more on celebrating its roots than pushing into electro confines. As the bubbly dutch house brand of trap music starts to loose steam, look for this Montreal hooligan to take over.


Who knows why Twigs flew under an enormous amount of radars this year with her innovative approach to vocal-based UK Bass and shining persona? We know: it won't happen again. Listen to her EP.

The Underachievers

There's a reason FlyLo signed these young Flatbush visionaries before they even had a mixtape out. Watch "Gold Soul Theory" and keep your 3rd eye open. Indigoism is coming.



Posted by johnnyburger

12.19/ 2012

great list.  also, shad. word .is new record in the spring.  i’ll take it.

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