Patchrik - Shift

The ISO EP from 21-year-old producer Patchrik is an explorative project that, as its title suggests, focuses itself on the individual parts rather than the whole. Where as most records utilize songs as pieces that together illustrate the bigger picture, ISO's uniqueness comes from the fact that each track provides its own individual story. There's no rhythmic or melodic trait that stays true throughout, no theme or concept that gets mirrored across the board. Instead, songs survive dysfunctional and abstract, and launch the listener into entirely new directions with each minute that passes.

To further convey this feeling of isolation, we've teamed up with visual artist Adam Ferriss to create an entirely new scene and feel for each song on the release, available for free download on November 4th.

1. Cool Down

2. Shift

3. Hurts

4. Fell Off

5. Blackouts