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— Anthony Parasole- All Jeff Mills Mix for Beats In...

Posted by Ben Friedlander

​Tim Sweeney's Beats In Space radio show on WNYU 89.1FM in New York City always seems to have the who's who of contemporary dance music in to do mixes on a weekly...


— Flava D- In The Dance

Posted by Felicity Martin

​Danielle Gooding has been quietly and efficiently doing her thang as a core part of the Butterz pack, and now throws her snapback into the ring with a new three-tracker...


— Anthony Naples- Perro

Posted by Anthony Obst

​Ever-rising Brooklynite Anthony Naples laid down a stellar set at Panorama Bar the other week. Finding the sweet spot between New York, Detroit, Berlin and London, and...


— Coki- Voodoo Dolls

Posted by Adam Heaton

Drake. Love him or hate him, he influences a lot of musicians. A friend of mine saw Nicolas Jaar give a question and answer session in Trinity College Dublin recently, and...


— Motions- All Gone + BODY HIGH Mix

Posted by Ben Friedlander

Brendan Neal, formally of Grown Folk, is back with his new solo project Motions. His debut All Gone EP is set to release via BODY HIGH on April 29th and the title track from...


— Premiere: Robots Don’t Sleep- Happy People...

Posted by Jonathan Abramson

​It's no secret that we at LFTF have strong admiration for German producer Robot Koch. Ever since we heard "Nano", we've pegged this producer as one of the most...



Posted by Jonathan Abramson

FRAME is a new and delicious taste of sing-along pop-rock. Caitlin Frame's voice is strikingly mature, which gives her music a seasoned feel rather than an air of teenage...


— Eddie Beatz- Bong (Howie Lee Edit)

Posted by Moses Wiener

​A light needs to be shone on this beast of a track from self-described contemporary Chinese bass musician Howie Lee, and in turn, what sounds to be a emerging (yet...


— Pharmakon- Bang Bang

Posted by Andy Decelles

​Noise is often written off as inaccessible, and not without precedent. Noise is the antithesis of the folk and pop diet most people are raised on, which concerns itself...


— MikeQ & DJ Sliink: MIND001

Posted by Isaiah Hinojosa

​L.A's Fade to Mind label is gearing up for a brand new series of collaborative releases under the project title Mind to Mind. The new series focuses on...


— Strip Steve LFTF Mix

Posted by LFTF

​It gives us great pleasure introducing this particular LFTF Mix from the Berlin-based, fresh-faced bass alchemist Théo Pożoga, aka Strip Steve. As someone who seems to...


— Skepta feat. JME- That’s Not Me

Posted by John Hodges

​Self-professed ‘King of Grime’ Skepta has released a Just Jam inspired video to herald comeback track 'That’s Not Me'. The song features brother JME and a classic...


Interview: Lee Bannon


— Interview: Lee Bannon

Posted By Darcy MacDonald

​Sacramento-born beat builder Lee Bannon’s hip hop roots have helped inform an East Coast rap rebirth,...

Interview: George FitzGerald


— Interview: George FitzGerald

Posted By Ben Friedlander

We've written about ManMakeMusic boss and Hotflush mainstay George FitzGerald a number of times before on the...

Interview: The Haxan Cloak


— Interview: The Haxan Cloak

Posted By Flora Yin-Wong

You wouldn’t expect a small sleepy town in Por­­tugal to be home to a niche, forward-thinking audio/visual...

Unearthed: Mutual Benefit - Love’s Crushing Diamond


— Unearthed: Mutual Benefit - Love’s Crushing...

Posted By Jonathan Abramson

Mutual Benefit's newest offering is an emotional one, ripe with tender evocations of a love that just won't take....

Unearthed: Mike Gao- Quadruple Entendre


— Unearthed: Mike Gao- Quadruple Entendre

Posted By Andy Decelles

The quadruple entendre is the white whale of rap. For lyrically mined hip-hop heads, there’s no greater feat a...

Unearthed: Saint Pepsi- Hit Vibes


— Unearthed: Saint Pepsi- Hit Vibes

Posted By Andy Decelles

​Listen to Hit Vibes over laptop speakers. It's better that way. It's not that this album...



— DOSE #5

Posted By LFTF

​After a brief hiatus we're back in business, people. Sorry to keep you waiting. As per not-so-usual, here...




Posted By LFTF

​The first DOSE of 2014, behold. Taking this opportunity, we should clear up a few FAQs ~- Yes, we've done a...




Posted By LFTF

“Nothing is original. Steal from anywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination. Devour old...

Shotgun Nation: History of Ellenwood Rap


— Shotgun Nation: History of Ellenwood Rap

Posted By Michael Washington

It's rare discovering anything archival on SoundCloud, at least not like you would on YouTube, but last night...

Digging In The Crates: CoLD SToRAGE- WipEout


— Digging In The Crates: CoLD SToRAGE- WipEout

Posted By Paul Britton

​I remember watching Klaxons frontman James ‘Yes This Is Actually The Real Surname Of Somebody Credited With...

Caught Sleeping: Tree - Fame


— Caught Sleeping: Tree - Fame

Posted By Michael Washington

​Maybe I've been listening to the new DJ Mustard mixtape too much, but everything about this...

Caught Sleeping: Spazzkid- Desire


— Caught Sleeping: Spazzkid- Desire

Posted By Andy Decelles

When it first launched, Pandora seemed entirely novel: radio that played only music you liked, even having the...

Caught Sleeping: Patrick Magno: Nautical EP


— Caught Sleeping: Patrick Magno: Nautical EP

Posted By Adam Heaton

​I think it's fair to say that San Francisco based producer Patrick Magno's got a bit of a thang for...


Posted by LFTF

​Courtesy of Mixify

LFTF SXSW Day Party 2014

Posted by LFTF

At Body High's debut NYC club night this past month, we caught up with the bossman Samo Sound Boy to discuss the roots of Body High and what the future holds for the...

Soundcheck: Body High

Posted by LFTF

​Our ever-busy 2008 Academy alumn Ta-ku is currently not only in the midst of flooding our Soundcloud with 25 Nights For Nujabes goodness, but is also...

Ta-ku - Make It Last feat. JMSN (Official Music Video)


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— Strip Steve LFTF Mix

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​It gives us great pleasure introducing this particular LFTF Mix from the Berlin-based, fresh-faced bass alchemist...

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